Working 2gether

Dr. Patricia Vriesendorp, Dr. Elizabeth Frei, Stéphanie Goffaux and Lyla Schwartz are English-speaking psychologists working in Biel/Bienne.

We started C2 in order to address the need for English-speaking support services in Switzerland.

Learn 2gether

We offer a wide range of monthly workshops, groups and professional-networking events in Biel/Bienne. Interested in mindfulness? How about self-compassion? Come see what you can learn.

Grow 2gether

Join c2’s self-care community which is chock full of useful audios, videos and other resources to give you ideas and inspiration about how to support yourself and others. This community is available by signing up as a member. The cost of your membership ($$/amount of time) goes toward supporting our mission of expanding access to mental health care by creating useful and timely content.

Listening 2gether

Conversations between mental health and health professionals designed to empower, connect, and support listeners

Connect 2gether

These health and mental health care providers are therapists and practitioners that we know. We find that our collaboration with other professionals enriches what we can offer our larger Swiss community.