We thank all of you who came and participated in our 4th Annual Open Space Day! The level of openness, enthusiasm and curiosity was inspiring! The wide range of events and varying group sizes allowed for different levels of interaction and engagment. We were glad to have providers from many corners of Switzerland – Z├╝rich, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva, allowing for new connections to be made, and old connection strengthened! During the day participants could choose from a range of workshops on:

Working with Neurodiversity,
Working with Trauma,
Record Keeping,
Work Reintegration after Burnout,
Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Boundaries,
Circle of Security Parenting,
Navigating Menapause,
Combining Parenting with Work,
or sharing a coffee or meal with a new collegue.
We ended the day with SANZU introducing their new exciting English and German on-line professional service platform and brainstorming how we could build on the knowledge and energy of the day. We thank SANZU again for sponsoring the event reducing the financial burden for several participants.

Thank you for all of you who shared your knowledge, questions and curiosity! We look forward to next year in mid to late March 2024! Here are a few pictures and impresssions of the day.