Navigating Midlife or Mid-Love?

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Midlife brings with it a slew of surprises, especially for women! Some of these surprises hit us where it hurts and others bring refreshing change… which one of it is it for you? Some of this depends on how you… Continue Reading →

Open Space Day III for English-Speaking Professionals

Are you a professional who works with English-speaking clients in Switzerland? Do you wish you had more connections, support and more of a professional community in Switzerland? Come join us and other professionals from different backgrounds to co-create a day… Continue Reading →

ADHD Information and Discussion evening

Have you been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Or do you suspect that you have it? Do you have a family member or partner with ADHD? If you’re curious to learn more about this particular wiring of the brain… Continue Reading →

Nutrition & Lifestyle in Midlife Workshop II

By request, we’ve set up another workshop around the topic of how small changes in Nutrition and Lifestyle can help us ease into and through Midlife. Stay posted we will share more information closer to the date! The workshop will… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group

Join us for our exploration of boundaries. As women we are often exhausted, engaged in many different roles and activities. How do you connect with and communicate about your needs? Do you also allow others to connect with theirs and… Continue Reading →

Midlife Support Group: Nutrition and Lifestyle

Did you want to make a small change in your nutrition and/or lifestyle to improve your energy levels in midlife? Are you having difficulty making a shift in your nutrition or lifestyle? Or is it going well and you want… Continue Reading →

Introductory Intuition Workshop

INTUITION, A POWERFUL RESOURCE ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE Have you ever found yourself regretting “I should have followed my intuition! ” ? We often fail to connect to our little inner voice which can guide us towards the right professional and… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group meets monthly. Using mindfulness, creative, movement, writing and/or discussion exercises we explore topics that impact our daily life in Switzerland. We include both the celebrations and struggles we experience in our journeys. This month we are exploring… Continue Reading →

Make Peace with your Mind: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Body work therapist and meditation teacher, Jaya Saunders, leads this introduction and an eventual follow-up course starting in March for those interested. Come to experience how the breathe and the body can connect us more deeply with the present moment,… Continue Reading →

Navigating Midlife: Impact of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Energy

This is second in-person Workshop of our Women’s Health Series: Navigating Midlife with Ease. We will be exploring how nutrition and lifestyle can impact women’s health, in particular the often decreasing energy levels at midlife. The workshop will be lead… Continue Reading →

Navigating Midlife with Ease – Women’s Health Day Workshop

Post Event Description by Angela Warm On Saturday, Sept 25th C2gether hosted an amazing gathering of women and speakers to discuss topics around the transition into midlife.  On a gorgeous Saturday a community of women came together in person, to… Continue Reading →

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