We are looking forward to you joining us for the 5th Open Space Day! For those of you who may not be familiar with the concept, the Open Space Day is a setting where we can inspire, support and connect with other mental health professionals working in English in Switzerland. As a participant you can help co-create the day, indicating which topic intruiges you, and how you’d like to participate. You can initiate a group or topic, participate in a structured workshop and connect with other professionals with different backgrounds. Therefore the final schedule will be determined on the day itself by the interest and engagement communicated by the participants. We encourage the workshops to be interactive, limited in length and respectful of different perspectives and traing levels. Time for each workshop or group is 45 mins, yet may differ in size and style. We love how each provides different insights and interactions. To encourage an open, collaboraive and respectful style of communication to strengthen our community, we provide some community guidleines here.

We will be offering a range of workshops, are open to hear about other topics, and will continue to post them here as the time comes closer.

  • Working with Neruodiversity – An opportunity to learn and ask about common issues facing clients and their families on the neureodiversity spectrum. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Frei who also offers the Virtual Neurodiveristy Community Support Group.
  • Building Awareness of our Own Vulnerabilities as Therapist: An experiential based workshop exploring our own vulnerable sides as therapists, and how they may show up to help and hinder the therapeutic process. Led by Patricia Vriesendorp
  • Setting up a Private Practice: A brainstorming and resource sharing group with other professionals who have been and are in the process of setting up their professional life in Switzerland.
  • Starting and Running Groups: Exploring ways we can increase group and workshop collaborations and offers both in person and virtually for the English speaking community in Switzerland.
  • Digital Platforms: Options for using digital platforms for scheduling, billing, video calls and referrals. An opportunity to try out, give feedback, and speak to the developers of English based platform in Switzerland. Led by Sanzu
  • Integrating the Body into Psychotherapy: An experiential workshop using simple massage and body based techniques that can be integrated in psychotherapy. Drawing from Window of Tolerance and Polyvagal Theory. Led by Dr. Patricia Vriesendorp
  • Mother Wound: How does the mother wound impact us as professionals and our work? Led by Shelly Sharon
  • Case Consultation Opportunities: Would you like some support with a difficult case, or topic, a small peer consultation group can be set up to provide ideas and support.
  • Different Body Therapy Practices: Gain a peak into, and learn about different body work therapies. Demonstrations provided by several C2 Body Therapists.
  • Ethics & Legal Guidelines for Working in Switzerland: Co-sponsored by Luzern based Mental Health Initiative (MHI), this is a separate longer workshop led by a swiss lawyer providing information about the main legal and ethical guidelines we need to be aware of and follow while working clinically in Switzerland. More information can be found here.

Do you have a workshop you’d like to offer, or a clinical situation or topic you’d like support on? Contact us and/or include it in your sign up form. Want to join us, here is link to our sign up form.