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Writing for Mental Health: Be the Journalist of your own Life’s Stories

Elizabeth chats with journalist and writer, Tara Giroud, about the power of practicing journaling and writing for mental health.

Ukrainian Day Center in Lausanne: Creating a Place of Respite for those Fleeing from War

Elizabeth speaks with Jeremy McTeague, the founder of the Ukrainian Day Center in Lausanne. The Center is currently open on Thursday and Sunday afternoons.

How to Help in Uncertain Times: A Conversation about Trauma, Migration and Well-Being with Lyla Schwartz

Self Compassionate Messages to Balance out the Inner Critic

A written list of several commonly reported self-critical messages, and possible self-compassionate responses. Recognizing which critical messages often show up, can help us identify more kind and supportive responses. This can help reduce the shame and pain associated with these… Continue Reading →

A Space of My Own

A +10 minute audio focused on building awareness and connection to your inner experience so you can practice creating a protected sense of own space. In addition to helping build self-awareness, it can help you be more aware of your… Continue Reading →

Coping with Triggers

A written outline describing steps you can take to cope with triggers that call up old difficult or traumatic stories or experiences. Learning and practicing the steps can give you a framework to follow so you can recognize and adjust… Continue Reading →

Boundary Bill of Rights Audio

A 14+minute audio identifying 10 core boundaries rights to help you connect safely, respectfully and authentically. Learning about these rights can help clarify where we can build and protect our boundaries in relationships. Based on Boundary Boss Bill of Rights… Continue Reading →

Blokes and Black Dogs Peer Support Group

The Realities of Practicing Self-Compassion: The Struggle is Real!

Avoidant Attachment Assessment

This is a written questionnaire that can help you identify how many elements of Avoidant Attachment Style may be impacting how your relationships and how you connect with others. This helps you explore in what ways you may sometimes avoid… Continue Reading →

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