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Meditation for intense worry

Navigating Midlife with Ease – Women’s Health Day Workshop

Post Event Description by Angela Warm On Saturday, Sept 25th C2gether hosted an amazing gathering of women and speakers to discuss topics around the transition into midlife.  On a gorgeous Saturday a community of women came together in person, to… Continue Reading →

Mindfulness to Sound and Space

A 13-minute guided meditation that can be used to bring more awareness to the present moment, and to help us notice our biases in attention.

Getting Through Tough Moments – 5 Senses

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and high jacked by our emotions. Following these steps for connecting with your senses can help ground you and bring you back to the here and now. 

Three-minute breathing space mindfulness meditation

This brief meditation is only three minutes long and can be practiced nearly anytime and anywhere. Useful when thinking feels scattered and uneasy.

Body scan guided mindfulness practice

This 20-minute body scan is a go-to meditation practice to increase mindfulness to the body. Useful when needing to feel grounded.


March 16— Does being mindful mean being indifferent to our experience? Take a look at this blog post and see what you think.

Mindfulness Workshop Recap 2/2/19

We had a great retreat Saturday. Six participants learned ways to hone attention skills with curiosity, compassion and courage. We talked about how it is the mind’s natural state is to wander and how we can teach it to attend… Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating Workshops

Here’s a little informational video about what you might expect at a Mindful Eating Workshop. There are also several inspiring books to look into. Check this out. Dr. Patricia Vriesendorp on Mindful Eating


One of the foundational practices of mindfulness meditation is the “Body Scan”. It was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the early days of his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. If you haven’t tried it, this link… Continue Reading →

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