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A Space of My Own

A +10 minute audio focused on building awareness and connection to your inner experience so you can practice creating a protected sense of own space. In addition to helping build self-awareness, it can help you be more aware of your… Continue Reading →

Identifying the Trickster in Self-Esteem…

A worksheet based on an exercise by Kristin Neff helping differentiate between self-esteem and self-compassion. The steps in the exercise identify on self-esteem which elements of our self-identity are linked to our self-esteem and may trick us into thinking that… Continue Reading →

Self-Compassion Break

A 7 minute audio guiding you through a compassionate break for in difficult situations.

The Five Senses Grounding Exercise

The Five-Finger Breathing Exercise with Stéphanie

Meditation for Intense Worry

A 2 minute guided meditation for when you are struggling with lots of worry led by Dr. Elizabeth Frei

Dealing with distressing thought spirals

A 3 min guided audio by Dr. Elizabeth Frei

Grounding when feeling panicked

A 5 min guided audio for panic feelings by Elizabeth

Anxiety Balloon Meditation

Navigating Midlife with Ease – Women’s Health Day Workshop

Post Event Description by Angela Warm On Saturday, Sept 25th C2gether hosted an amazing gathering of women and speakers to discuss topics around the transition into midlife.  On a gorgeous Saturday a community of women came together in person, to… Continue Reading →

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