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Blokes and Black Dogs Peer Support Group

The Realities of Practicing Self-Compassion: The Struggle is Real!

ADHD in Adulthood: One Woman’s Journey

The Mind-Body Connection with body therapist, Jaya Saunders

c2 podcast episode 5: Supporting parents and families: Graines de Vie family café and how to find an english-speaking doula

c2gether Podcast Episode #4, Kids and household chores

In this episode, Elizabeth interviews Stéphanie Goffaux, a psychologist who works with kids and their families to set up systems that help kids participate more actively in family and household tasks while building autonomy and self-confidence. Stéphanie shares a number… Continue Reading →

c2gether Podcast Episode #3, Menopause and Mental Health

Elizabeth interviews Angela Warm about what women can do to support their health and mental health during perimenopause and menopause. We cover topics related to nutrition, stress, sleep, communication and sex.

c2gether Podcast Episode #2, Working with Perfectionsim

Elizabeth interviews Sandrine Dennler, a shiatsu therapist, about how perfectionism shows up in the body, preventing vulnerability and interfering with connection. She shares ways that people can identify and resolve issues related to anxiety, perfectionism and stress by working with… Continue Reading →

c2gether Podcast Episode #1, Open Space Day

Elizabeth interviews Patricia about the upcoming Open Space day event, and the intentions behind the creation of this experience for mental health and health practitioners.

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