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Topics connected to recognizing, expressing and coping with feelings.

Coping with Triggers

A written outline describing steps you can take to cope with triggers that call up old difficult or traumatic stories or experiences. Learning and practicing the steps can give you a framework to follow so you can recognize and adjust… Continue Reading →

Guidelines for Coping with Triggers, Fragmenting and Dissociation

Identifying the Trickster in Self-Esteem…

A worksheet based on an exercise by Kristin Neff helping differentiate between self-esteem and self-compassion. The steps in the exercise identify on self-esteem which elements of our self-identity are linked to our self-esteem and may trick us into thinking that… Continue Reading →

Self-Compassion Break

A 7 minute audio guiding you through a compassionate break for in difficult situations.

The Five Senses Grounding Exercise

The Five-Finger Breathing Exercise with Stéphanie

Meditation for Intense Worry

A 2 minute guided meditation for when you are struggling with lots of worry led by Dr. Elizabeth Frei

Dealing with distressing thought spirals

A 3 min guided audio by Dr. Elizabeth Frei

Grounding when feeling panicked

A 5 min guided audio for panic feelings by Elizabeth

Anxiety Balloon Meditation

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