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Grief is Like Spring in Switzerland

Grief reminds me a bit of spring in Switzerland. At the start of spring, when the sun shines, and the warmth comes, there is a part of me that is very excited to enjoy. There is also another part that… Continue Reading →

4th Annual Open Space Day Success!

We thank all of you who came and participated in our 4th Annual Open Space Day! The level of openness, enthusiasm and curiosity was inspiring! The wide range of events and varying group sizes allowed for different levels of interaction… Continue Reading →

Grief and Loss Support & Resources

Grieving is a universal process everyone experiences in their life – it is an inevitable part of being human. While at the same time we may each navigate it very differently. We invite you to really listen to yourself, find… Continue Reading →

Job Posting

The c2 Praxis in Biel-Bienne is searching for an English-speaking psychologist or psychotherapist to join the team. Are you able to work independently, while valuing creative collaboration, warm support and clear communication? We are three psychologist/psychotherapists, a couples therapist and… Continue Reading →

Grief and Loss

Grieving can be a very intense and individual process – different for each person. What we grieve, how we grieve, when we grieve… all may show up very differently. This makes sharing and connecting around grief sometimes very difficult. Often… Continue Reading →

Open Space Day Photos 2022

We really enjoyed having the Open Space Day in our new location April 2022! We were wonderfully suprised to see we were almost bursting at the seams with more than 25 professionals from all different training backgrounds, countries and locations… Continue Reading →

Changes in Insurance Coverage of Therapy in Switzerland

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The need for more mental health support that is affordable has become clearly evident. The way psychotherapy is accessed and billed is changing in Switzerland. As of March 2022 the Swiss Goverment approved that Psychotherapists can now bill psychotherapy directly… Continue Reading →

3rd Annual Open Space Day – April 2022

These types of questions and more …can be explored in the C2 Open Space Day setting! We at C2 are excited to invite you to the 4rd Annual Open Space Day in Biel/Bienne! Different English-Speaking Professionals from all over Switzerland… Continue Reading →

Men’s Mental Health

At C2 we’ve known the importance of support, community and belonging. We feel priviledged to work with a wide range of clients. I myself really enjoy the group and workshop setting because of the power of recognizing we are not… Continue Reading →

Looking to Sublet a Therapy Office?

Are you an health or mental health therapist or social professional? Can you speak english? Or any other languages? Do you want to be in a dynamic community with infrastructure already up and running? Join us in the C2 community!… Continue Reading →

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