In Women’s Group we have been exploring how we connect. How aware are we of ourselves, others and how we bridge the space in between? When in connection do you focus on the other? Or do you tend to focus on yourself, and protecting your space? This can vary greatly, depending on the:
– situation (is it at work, home, public),
– role (parent, lover, child, co-worker),
– our physical or mental state (are we tired? stressed, in a good mood?) or
– even who initiated the activity and connection.

We often have preferences that impact our ability to connect and take care of ourselves. Do you tend to focus on the other at work? Or pull back and disconnect when you are stressed? Are you more open and willing to be close if you initiate contact in a familiar setting? Being aware of your comfort zone and tendencies can help you take better care of yourself and your relationships. This awareness helps you recognize your needs, your options and your choice points. Building on this awareness allows you to increase your ability to make healthy choices, that can help you and your relationships flourish.

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