With the arrival of Fall we are facing all kinds of changes – changes in weather, length of the days, and unfortunately Corona numbers. Yet life continues, and we at C2, want to continue to support safety, health and self-care via workshops and resources. We have discussed different options:

The In-Person Option: To make sure people can maintain their safe distance in our group room, we have limited our attendance to the Breathing Workshop to 4 people for in-person session. Also, participants will be asked to wear their masks when entering the practice due to close quarters of the hallway, access to coat rack in waiting room and bathroom. The group room and praxis in general will be thoroughly ventilated prior to, during (especially at time of 15 min break) and after the workshops. Once in the group room, we can maintain distance and participants can choose to remove their masks. We ask participants to wash their hands upon entering and again at the break. As with other places, we ask participants to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms.

Virtual Option: We can set up our workshops virtually via Skype or Zoom. We will send an invite and or address for the workshop. Please test your sound, image and internet connection prior to joining. This way you do not need to travel and can do so from the comfort of your home. The time and health protection benefits are clear. We have not implemented this method regularly in the workshop setting till now, but are open to the option. We have received feedback from some people about having technical difficulties, screen overload, or not being able to find a protected quiet space due to family.

Please let us know what your preference is, or best fits your situation? Do you prefer to meet in person? or via virtual setting? You can e-mail Patricia Vriesendorp if you have ideas or requests, or the workshop coordinator when you sign up.

Meanwhile, we will continue to provide services as best and as safely as we can. Connection and support is always important, and especially in such times!