Are you an health or mental health therapist or social professional? Can you speak english? Or any other languages? Do you want to be in a dynamic community with infrastructure already up and running?

Join us in the C2 community! Our wonderful Colleague is decreasing her work load due to pregnancy leave so we now have some more space in our offices. Even when she returns the time will be limited, so you can stay on. We also have other limited times available in 1-2 of our other offices.

We are located right at the Biel-Bienne trainstation which has direct connections to most main cities in Switzerland. Many of us have lived and worked in differnt countries and work in more than one language, however the operating language in the team is english.

If you are interested you can contact Patricia Vriesendorp at

The office is set up for working with kids and adults – couch, chair, play house and desk.

You also have access to the larger Praxis infrastructure shown below!