At C2 we’ve known the importance of support, community and belonging. We feel priviledged to work with a wide range of clients. I myself really enjoy the group and workshop setting because of the power of recognizing we are not alone in our journeys. I have seen how powerful this sense of connection, normalization and support can lead to more growth, strength and purpose in life even when times are tough. For years I have run a Women’s Group. However, I have noticed that a lot of men do not have these protective and supportive spaces either socially or professionally. My colleagues and I have received comments from clients and other professionals that they wish there were more services that were either targeting men and or more welcoming for men. So at C2 we are excited to offer more services for men together with other male colleagues. It can help to have a more focused space to target specific needs.

We have connected with Blokes and Black Dogs for a Men’s Self Support Group run by Carl Wahler. And we also have a Men’s Workshop Series starting this Fall together with Aernout Zevenbergen. The first of three workshops is on 29.10.2022. The first workshop will be about building awarenss and skills around recognizing power of emotions, the second about listening and communicating, and the third and about radical intimacy. You can join the series at any time! You can sign up directly via the events website, or contact Patricia Vriesendorp.

You can also check out our events calander, or self-care community if there are other aspects of our services you are curious about. In our self-care community, we also have different audios, exercises and handouts linked with skill building and coping with emotionsif you already want to try something on your own. We are also open to feedback, ideas and wishes.

In addition, our colleagues and I have gathered a few resources we’d like to share. We are open to suggestions of resources you find inspiring and hope to keep adding to the list.

TED Talk by Tony Porter, A call to Men.
TED Talk by Rob Wong, Is masculinity killing men.
TED Talk by Sangu Delle, No shame in taking care of your mental health
TED Talk by Justin Baldoni, I’m tired of being man enough.
TED Talk by Brené Brown, The power of vulnerability

Conversation Between Asan Bukhash and Justin Baldoni

Conversations between Terry Real and Thomas Hübl: Romance, Intimacy & Love
Hidden Effects of Trauma on Relationships
Master Class: Relationships
Terry Real’s website
Terry Real Video Interview with Esther Perel: Grandiosity and Shame. (3 mins)
Terry Real Podcast about Inner Child Work
Thomas Hubl Ancestral Trauma (10 mins)