Midlife brings with it a slew of surprises, especially for women! Some of these surprises hit us where it hurts and others bring refreshing change… which one of it is it for you? Some of this depends on how you respond to these changes and surprises… because stopping them in their tracks is usually not part of nature’s plan.

Bréne Brown, in her usual witty and honest manner, writes about some of the psychological changes she experiences in her navigating of the midlife process… which she calls the midlife unraveling.


She describes the importance of acknowledging these changes and the challenges that come with them. And then to have the courage to listen and act on what we see and find. Not doing so can make midlife a real struggle. She quotes Maya Angelou who writes,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

In our upcoming workshop series, the first of which is Sept 25th, we explore several elements of midlife changes. We provide a space to look at the psychological and physical stories.. unfolding (or as Bréne Brown says, unraveling) within you. During our workshop we will share information and exercises, that can help you can begin to weave a more fitting narrative and lifestyle. So you can navigate midlife with more ease. Hopefully shifting to Mid-love?

Interested in the workshop? https://c2gether.ch/event/women-living-in-later-seasons-of-life/