Post Event Description by Angela Warm

On Saturday, Sept 25th C2gether hosted an amazing gathering of women and speakers to discuss topics around the transition into midlife.  On a gorgeous Saturday a community of women came together in person, to share our stories and gather information about how to make this midlife transition not such a bumpy ride. 

Patricia Vriesendorp kicked off the morning with a thoughtful welcoming and invitation to explore those places of loss, feelings and emotions that come up for us in midlife.  I for one was astounded by the collective openness and vulnerability a group of women were eager to share with one another.  It was beautiful and really spoke volumes to the need to talk about this important transition more, and to dispel the myths around menopause so we can focus instead on ways to celebrate what we have to look forward to. 

Next Jaya Lisa Saunders spoke about the role of  values and how they shape our actions and decisions.  She encouraged participants to explore areas of their lives that may need more tenderness or attention. But also the idea that our values and priorities may change over time.

A delicious healthy lunch was provided by the speakers.

The afternoon kicked off with Angela Warm sharing about the 4 Pillars to living healthier in Midlife  – nutrition, sleep and stress management, exercise / movement and self care. It was great knowing that there is a strategy to navigate this bumpy ride that can help us feel physically and emotionally better. 

After a break Jaya led us all through some gentle movement and body awareness exercises that had us all feeling both energized and relaxed at the same time. 

Patricia closed it with a check in and invitation to explore what we learned and take with us those things that we can easily incorporate moving forward.  Everyone agreed that exploring some of these topics in more depth would be of interest to the group. 

The Women’s Health Day Event was the first in a series of 4 workshops around the topic of Naivgating Midlife with Ease.  It was apparent from the connection and feedback that women are craving more of this type of interaction and discussion.

That is why we will be having the 2nd in the series of Women’s Health Workshops on Saturday, November 13th.  This workshop will focus on the Nutritional and Lifestyle tips we can incorporate in midlife to help us have more energy, better focus and get our mojo back.  How can we nourish ourselves better in midlife?  How can we heal our relationship with food and our bodies?  Join Patricia and Angela for this insightful workshop. There will be some group coaching as well as health recipes shared. If you would like to join us for the 2nd in the Women’s Health in Midlife series click here for more information.