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Building Support Among Professionals: Climbing the Mountain Together

When we start somewhere new- be it a new job, country or role- we can find ourselves feeling invisible and unseen, or closely watched as if we are in the spotlight due to whatever way we are/feel different. We may… Continue Reading →

Open Space Day – Ideas

The 2nd Annual Open Space Day is just around the corner! It will be held virtually on 30 April from 9am – 5pm. If you’re an english-speaking health or mental health practitioner working with english-speaking clients in Switzerland, we hope… Continue Reading →

Exceptions to Face Mask Requirements

Due to the increased face mask restrictions, some people report increased discomfort in public places. There are people who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons, and have received official dispensation from a professional. Not all of… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group – Building Caring Connections

We will be meeting in a small group setting due to COVID. Masks, distance, airing out and respecting choices not to attend are all an important part of navigating both safety and connection in the time of COVID. Our theme… Continue Reading →

Grief in the time of COVID-19

Loss and grief is always difficult and this is even more so in the time of COVID. Give yourself time and space for your individual journey with grief. It is not an illness, everyone needs support be it personal or… Continue Reading →

Reconnecting With Your Values

RECONNECTING WITH YOUR VALUES With Jaya Saunders Re think and Re write your “rules” for living your life with passion, motivation and authenticity. Values are based on what we feel is important and what gives us pleasure in our everyday… Continue Reading →

Home Abroad

Understanding and supporting successful work-related relocation Sociocultural Adjustment and Well-being in Third Culture Kids and their Families: A Longitudinal Study Background Aims and design of the study Living within an international community comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. Big… Continue Reading →

Nutrition and Well-Being Workshop

NUTRITION AND WELL-BEING With Kerry Fugard Our gut can have a huge impact on our well-being, some argue even more so than our brain! Come learn more about this untapped resource from Registered Nutritional Therapist, Kerry Fugard. She will share… Continue Reading →

Recruitment of Research Volunteers

Mindfulness Breathing Workshop

MINDFULNESS BREATHING With Dana Klepper-Smith Join us for an opportunity to learn about the power of your own breath! In this workshop we will explore and practice together the helpful nature of simple breathing exercises, and take away stress-reducing tools… Continue Reading →

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