The 2nd Annual Open Space Day is just around the corner! It will be held virtually on 30 April from 9am – 5pm. If you’re an english-speaking health or mental health practitioner working with english-speaking clients in Switzerland, we hope you will join us!

The idea of an Open Space is that the activities are created by the participants on the day itself. What topics are important to you? What topics do you want to explore, learn about or brainstorm about? We can share and pool resources, learn about and explore together either via presentations, workshops or discussion groups. Ideas are slowly coming in. What would you want?

Initial ideas include:

Setting up groups in a private practice Setting. Sharing themes, processes from groups.

Working with non-cis gender clients and patients: Overview based on current research and clinical experience with adolescents.

Difficulties of Being an Expat in these Uniquely Challenging Times: Paranoia and Pressures.

Taboo Topics: Topics we may unintentionally avoid or limit in our work.

Useful Online Services in the Private Practice Setting: Virtual Conferencing, Digital Files, confidential sharing of information, etc.

Building a Private Practice: Sharing strategies for starting a Private practice in Switzerland. Trouble-shooting obstacles and sharing resources.

Work and Parenting: Juggling work and parenting, especially young children. 

Peer Consultation: How can we best provide each other support and clinical work consultation opportunities?

The Role of Cultural/Racial Identity: How do you explore it in your work with clients? For yourself?

Strengthening the English Speaking Providers Network: What groups exist, what is still needed and/or wished for?

If you have ideas, requests, or offers. Please contact us and let us know, and of course register!

You can e-mail Patricia Vriesendorp at