Open Space Participants

A big THANK YOU to all of you who were willing and able to join us for the first Open Space Day event for English Speaking Professionals in Switzerland. Although Coronavirus prevented a good third of registrants from attending, those who did attend, really engaged and collaborated to make it a wonderful day! We hope it will be the start of more events and collaborations! Here are some impressions of the day.

We began the day with a grounding mindfulness meditation led by Elizabeth Frei, a quick over view of the day by Stéfanie Goffoux and then some loosening up and get-to-know-you exercises led by us all. Laughing and recognition of connections already helped open up the energy. Patricia Vriesendorp, using the Matrix, explored what interferes with our ability to connect with our value driven behaviors, in particular in regards to building our professional connections and communities.

We used the in-person introductions of ideas to set up the schedule and location of the activities. Participants led and participated in activities before and after lunch. The themes included:

  • Doulas role in birth and community project
  • The brain and gut connection
  • Essential oils and natural health
  • Barriers and tips to setting up a private practice
  • Trained Peer Support in out-patient settings
  • Simple movement exercises
  • Breath awareness
  • Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist licensure
  • Research on cultural adjustment of partners of expatriates.
  • Programs and risks of tele- and video-therapy
  • Crisis management needs
  • Building collaboration with other Swiss health professionals

After a coffee break on the top floor terrace, we wound up with a mindfulness activity. The group shared impressions and feedback. Again, thank you for your openness and ideas! All expressed the wish to repeat the event. We closed the day with participants each setting a new individual goal, which also led to exploring new collaborations to help implement shared goals.

Overall, new connections were made and familiar ones deepened. It was a truly energizing and inspiring day! All indicated leaving feeling nourished and not just by the yummy lunch and snacks.