You can attend or provide a ½ hour, a ¾ hour or an one hour presentation of information or resources around a specific topic, method or client population. Multimedia resources are available for videos or slides, that you can connect your computer to. However, please keep in mind this is not a traditionally structured conference. Due to the smaller size and intimate setting, we recommend an more informal and interactive, presentation or workshop style.

Brainstorming Consultation Sessions

One person raises a need, idea or issue to discuss, explore and brainstorm with other professionals. We ask who else is interested in this top, and how much time is wanted. Those who decide to participate contribute in a way that fits for them (i.e. introduce themselves, their interests, ideas experiences and/or questions around the topic). There is no “expert,” it is more a collaboration: sharing and/or gathering of ideas and options. E.g. How to improve access, collaboration or range of services for English speaking children and youth? How do you integrate internet services for clinical work, scheduling, supervision, etc? How to build increase access to clients? Any interest in peer supervision or case consultation? Licensure and professional recognition in Switzerland?

Resource Table

Feel free to bring resources, such as Fliers, Business Cards, Books, etc. that you want to share. Please label clearly so they can be returned to you at the end of the day.