We know it is not always easy to find a professional in Switzerland who speaks English fluently. We are excited to introduce other English-speaking professionals who live and work in Switzerland! Many we met with in mid March 2020 just before the shut down in response to COVID-19. We were glad to be able to meet in person, learn about each other and discuss issues facing health and mental health professionals working with English-speaking clients in Switzerland. We hope that this professional community will continue to grow and collaborate. If you know of or are a professional offering health and mental health services for English-speaking clients feel free to contact one of us and share with us your information.

If you are looking for support for yourself and for some reason Patricia Vriesendorp, Elizabeth Frei, St├ęphanie Goffoux are not able to meet with you or match your needs or situation, perhaps you can find someone here who can. Keep in mind finding support is a very individual and personal process, we encourage you to contact and interview the professional to help decide what best fits for you. Here is a quick overview of the different professionals with their photo, profession, specialty areas, and contact information.

You can also find other english speaking therapists via the FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) site: https://www.psy.ch/english

You can try to find other EMDR therapists here: https://emdr-ch.org/therapeuten/