Diana Dalto
Body Work Practitioner
Biel and Bern
c2gether Praxis, Place de la Gare 7, 2502 Biel

Rebalancing - a way to touch and be touched It' s an integrative type of bodywork which takes into consideration body, mind, heart, and soul. During the course of a session the slow and deep non-judgmental touch of the practitioner allows many changes to be initiated in the client. In a successful session, the benefits continue and evolve long after the session itself is over. The focus, returns to the person. Not their problems, not ego, not worries and concerns, but the simple human presence. This allows deep relaxation and opening to happen within all the body-mind systems. A sense of wholeness is reached. Not all problems are solved instantly, but simply that in the 'connection' all the parts come together as equal partners, communicate with one another, and move together. It is separation that creates disease. When a part is out of balance with the whole, or is somehow rejected, pushed away by the whole, a problem is created. Rebalancing touches through the skin, the superficial and deep fascia, muscle, tendon bone and organs. Is slow and non-intrusive.