Lyla Schwartz
Teens, families, and adults

Hello, I’m Lyla. A therapist with over a decade of experience providing mental heath and psychological support services to individuals and families. I specialize in treating women and adolescents, but also helping adults who have experienced trauma. I can provide one-to-one therapy, group therapy or family mediation. For my clients, I can help treat trauma caused by disruption to family relationships, developmental trauma, PTSD after traumatic events, trauma caused by divorce, gender-based violence, sexual exploitation, and vicarious trauma. I take a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological affect trauma can have on a person. I can help by providing trauma-informed care and survivor-led therapy to help my clients heal and process from their trauma, and ease symptoms of trauma including depression, anxiety, difficulties with self-regulation or maintaining daily activities, and low self-esteem.