Tessa Richter
Career coach, coach for highly creative persons, futures guide, mentor, and author.
Richterswil, Zürich, Basel and online
Young adults, adults, professionals, executives, specialists, highly gifted and creatives

„Our secret potential - a new approach to purpose, performance and wellbeing int he 21st century“. Uncovering our full potential as human beings to find purpose and well-being for a sustainable future. Besides standard coaching tools, I use (self)-hynosis, meditation, artistic expression and music, focusing on creating coherence between our 3 brains: head, heart and gut. I support you to lead crisis into purpose and live the life you were born to live. Our 3 keys to unlock this potential are: know yourself - love who you are - and create what matters. Growing up internationally with 3 languages I coach in English, German, French - and Swiss German.