These are brief descriptions of Workshop and Consultation sessions available at the Open Space. New and different topics may be added before and on the day of the event. Is there anything you find important or want to explore? Let us know and/or bring the ideas along!

Acculturation Research Project: The experiences of accompanying partners of business expatriates feeling unsettled 12 months after arriving in Switzerland. Description of ongoing research project and exploration of experiences impacting integration and settling in Switzerland. Vivienne Herke

STEP Access to Learning: Helping children’s learning via STEP (Specific Targeted Exercise Programme). STEP uses intentional movement to help build neural connections to improve a child’s cognitive and motor functioning. Building these skills into the child’s whole day, in collaboration with the child, parents and teachers, can help the whole system. Paul Mallen

Using the ACT Matrix for Professional Development Identifying our professional values and which experiences impact our ability to act on our professional goals and values.  Patricia Vriesendorp

Avatar Exercises: Introduction to Avatar exercises to help access to your own belief systems, impressions, past experiences, contained in your own consciousness. To prepare for the workshop you could watch the following 30 minutes video. Ariane Leanza Heinz

Burnout, Stress and Peerwork: The new experienced involvement experience outside of the psychatric clinic world. Roger Altmann

Breath Awareness and Stress Reduction: By listening to the Body, we tap into an immense intelligence! We are able to reduce stress and burnout, to increase focus and energy, and to connect in less reactive ways with others. We learn to trust this embodied presence in our daily actions and interactions. Living from this expanded self-awareness helps us to activate our Potential – individually and collectively. Dana Klepper-Smith

Stretching and Breath-Body Awareness: Tips and tools for using stretching and body-breath awareness to strengthen the immune system. Jaya Saunders

Doula Work:  Sharing about the role and work of Doulas in supporting mental health during pregnancy and birth process. Agnes Leoneti & Aya Kato

The Gut-Brain Axis/ Nutrition for Therapists: What it is and how it affects mental health. Kerry Fugard

Professional Licensure in Switzerland: Sharing strategies for getting psychotherapist recognition from Psychological Commission (PsyCo)

Treatment of Eating Disorders: Sharing strategies for working with clients with eating disorders.  

Building a Private Practice: Sharing strategies for starting a private practice in Switzerland.

Work and Parenting: Juggling work and parenting, especially with young children.  

Peer Consultation: How to build opportunities for support and clinical work consultation.