Crisis Services

These are resources available for times of crisis. We also recommend you consult your family doctor or visit the nearest hospital emergency room.

Kriseninterventionszentrum (KIZ)
(Crisis Intervention Center at University of Bern Psychiatric Department) 
Murtenstrasse 21
3008 Bern
T: 031 632 88 11

Notfall Inselspital, Psychiatrische Poliklinik
(Emergency At Insel Hospital, Psychiatric Clinic)
Bolligenstrasse 111
3000 Bern
Tel.:  031 632 88 11

Les Toises
Private Psychiatric Services, Therapy and Assessment
Eigerstrasse 13
CH-3007 Berne
T: 0844 580 580

Privatklinik Wyss AG
(Private Psychiatric Clinic in Munchenbuchsee)

Fellenbergstrasse 34
3053 Münchenbuchsee
Tel.: 031 868 33 33

Psychiatriezentrum Münsingen PZM
(Private Psychiatric Center in Münsingen)
Hunzigenallee 1 • 3110 Münsingen
Tel.: 031 720 81 11

AtR!SK  (Ambulatorium für Risikoverhalten und Selbstschädigung bei Jugendlichen | UPD Bern
(Outpatient for Youth with High Risk and Self Harm Behaviors) at University Psychiatric Clinic Bern)
New Walk in hours for youth between 11- 17 years of age between 9 am - 11am.
Bolligenstrasse 111, 3000 Bern 6,
Tel.: 031 930 98 30

Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste UPD Waldau
(University of Bern, Psychiatric Servies at Waldau)
Tel.: 031 930 91 11

Ärtzenotrufzentrale Medphone
(Emergency Doctor Hotline - Medphone)
0900 57 67 47 (CHF 3.23/min.)

  • Heart to Heart Tel 0800 143 000, +143
    Newly provides crisis telephone support in English between the 5:00 - 11:00, as part of Dargebotenen Hand. If you also speak one of the other Swiss national Languages Dargebotene Hand is available available 24hrs.
  • Mental Health Tips and English Speaking Therapists Search link.
  • EMDR therapists in Switzerland
  • Asylex provides free legal advice to Asylum Seekers
  • MHI Mental Health Initiative provides links to resources, providers and groups in Switzerland

Useful Links

  • Do you have questions? A website where teens and young people can get advice and information FrageinFach

  • The Mindful Way Through Anxiety guided mindfulness exercises Website
  • 3-Minute Breathing Space mindfulness exercise Video

  • Ted Talk:  by Connor Beaton, The Mask of Masculinity: The traditional role of men is evolving.
  • TED Talk by Tony Porter, A call to Men.
  • TED Talk by Rob Wong, Is masculinity killing men.
  • Ted Talk by Reece MacKinney, Stop calling it toxic masculinity
  • Conor Beaton's Website with Forums, Blog, Podcasts
  • Terry Real’s website

Local Services