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Women’s Group

The Women’s Group meets every month. Using mindfulness, creative, movement, writing and/or discussion exercises, we explore topics that impact our daily life in Switzerland. We include both the celebrations and struggles we experience in our journeys. If you are interested,… Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Breathing Workshop

MINDFULNESS BREATHING With Dana Klepper-Smith Join us for an opportunity to learn about the power of your own breath! In this workshop we will explore and practice together the helpful nature of simple breathing exercises, and take away stress-reducing tools… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group

Once a month we come together to share our strengths and struggles. Start with a mindfulness exercise and then discuss a topic and exercise together. If you are interested in joining. Please contact Patricia Vriesendorp at patricia@englishtherapy.ch

Women’s Group

Women coming together to share their struggles and strengths. Theme this month… in the time of COVID safety is being widely discussed. Yet, safety and connecting to life are themes are always relevant. How do you negotiate safety and risk,… Continue Reading →

Opportunities During Open Space

Workshops You can attend or provide a ½ hour, a ¾ hour or an one hour presentation of information or resources around a specific topic, method or client population. Multimedia resources are available for videos or slides, that you can… Continue Reading →

Creative Expression Workshop: Special Focus on Insight Drawing

“Often the hand will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” C.G. Jung Guest hosted by Evelyn Sucher, a seasoned teacher of art and graphic design, deepen your awareness of the refined language of art, one… Continue Reading →

Mini Mindfulness Retreat: Special Focus on Mindfulness and Creativity

  Mini Mindfulness Retreat: Mindfulness and Creativity Special focus on exploring creativity as a path to mindfulness with special guest, Amy Schief. Join us in discovering and exploring your individual creative language, and learn how creativity can enhance your mindfulness… Continue Reading →

Mini-Mindfulness Retreat: Change, Transition and Loss

Special focus on Beginnings and Endings: Change, Transition and Loss. Two-hour Saturday practices are offered several times throughout the year. Out next one will be September 28th. These mindful mornings help you to cultivate the ability to connect more fully with what… Continue Reading →


March 16— Does being mindful mean being indifferent to our experience? Take a look at this blog post and see what you think.

Mindfulness Drop In Group

These small “drop-in” groups are offered to help you bring more mindful awareness into your everyday life in order to reduce  stress and improve well-being.

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