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Navigating Midlife: Impact of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Energy

This is second in-person Workshop of our Women’s Health Series: Navigating Midlife with Ease. We will be exploring how nutrition and lifestyle can impact women’s health, in particular the often decreasing energy levels at midlife. The workshop will be lead… Continue Reading →

Navigating Midlife or Mid-Love?

Midlife brings with it a slew of surprises, especially for women! Some of these surprises hit us where it hurts and others bring refreshing change… which one of it is it for you? Some of this depends on how you… Continue Reading →

Nutrition and Well-Being Workshop

NUTRITION AND WELL-BEING With Kerry Fugard Our gut can have a huge impact on our well-being, some argue even more so than our brain! Come learn more about this untapped resource from Registered Nutritional Therapist, Kerry Fugard. She will share… Continue Reading →

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