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How The Schedule of the Open Space Day is Co-Created

Patricia explains the process of how we co-create the agenda for Open Space Day. See you soon!

NVC- A Communications Workshop

Learn conflict negotiation skills- Join us for a morning workshop on¬†NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and its usefulness in everyday interactions. NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the 60’s to provide an empathetic and connecting way of addressing conflict negotiation. It… Continue Reading →

What Self-Compassion is Not

Self-compassion is an on-going practice that allows us to better connect to ourselves, others and the world. It is not self-pity or self-indulgence. Learn more about the workshop…

Self-Compassion Workshop: Practical Considerations

An addition to our previous workshop but also appropriate for those who are new to the topic. We will introduce a number of practices intended to cultivate kindness in how we relate to ourselves.

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