In these difficult times, we ask that you remain open to our shared common humanity. Situations such as the armed conflict between Russia and the Ukraine can trigger a lot of reactions – fear, anger, outrage, hopelessness. Sometimes people reach for simple solutions to feel less powerless. Seeking a release, we may vent these feelings, label and/or blame these situations on others. Although this provides temporary relief it typically escalates the tension and difficulties.

It has come to our attention that Russian members of our community have experienced anger, hurtful comments, and backlash for these world events. This is not ok.

Yes, we cannot be silent or look away in the case of armed conflict. Yes, need to hold the people in power accountable for their actions. Yes, it is important to give voice to our concerns, outrage and wish for stability, respect and peace.

We ask you, please do so in a respectful manner and support resources, people who can make a difference, do not take it out on everyday people. Hateful words and action do not provide solutions or positive change, they only feed the flames and lead to further polarization, isolation, and dehumanization.

All people want and deserve safety, support and to be treated as human beings. We ask you to let that inform your actions, no matter how terrifying situations are.

To provide support for we are offering a free virtual “safe space” for those in the Russian Community in Switzerland who are experiencing difficulties on March 11 at 15:00.  Please contact Patricia Vriesendorp at if you would like to join she and Lyla Schwartz another trauma professional for support. A zoom link will be sent to you just before the meeting. If you would like to provide a small donation for this space that is welcome but not needed.

Those of you who would also like to provide support for the Ukraine Community, and other communities that are also suffering under armed conflicts and crises can connect with these and other organizations:

Help Children of Ukraine
Caritas International (projects all over the world that continue to need support, such as Afganistan, Lesbos, Northern Ethiopia, Mali, Hatti… the list goes on).