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Introductory Intuition Workshop

INTUITION, A POWERFUL RESOURCE ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE Have you ever found yourself regretting “I should have followed my intuition! ” ? We often fail to connect to our little inner voice which can guide us towards the right professional and… Continue Reading →

Navigating Midlife: Impact of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Energy

This is second in-person Workshop of our Women’s Health Series: Navigating Midlife with Ease. We will be exploring how nutrition and lifestyle can impact women’s health, in particular the often decreasing energy levels at midlife. The workshop will be lead… Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Meditation with Jaya, Session 1

Jaya Saunders will present mindfulness exercises intended to reduce stress and tension, while grounding you in your body. This will be the first of a six-session group course. All levels of experience are welcome to attend. The course will be… Continue Reading →

Open Space Day for English-Speaking Clinicians

Open Space Training and Networking Day for English-Speaking Clinicians 13 March 2020 If you want to register we have a Registration Form Link  For questions about registration or payment you can Email Elizabeth at efrei.phd@gmail.com. See you there!

Creative Expression Workshop: Special Focus on Insight Drawing

“Often the hand will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” C.G. Jung Guest hosted by Evelyn Sucher, a seasoned teacher of art and graphic design, deepen your awareness of the refined language of art, one… Continue Reading →

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