As you have heard in the new media, the Federal Court in Switzerland has decided on preventive measures against the Coronavirus. Events of 1000 and more people are often being cancelled and events of 150 or more require approval. As, our event does not fall in either of these categories, we will still hold the Open Space Day.

To best maintain everyone’s safety, we ask all participants to follow the protective procedures communicated by the BAG (Bundes Amt für Gesundheit) which include:

Thoroughly washing your hands.
Refraining from shaking hands or extensive body contact.
Sneezing or coughing into tissues or the crook of your arm.
Staying at home with signs of coughing and/or fever.

More information can be found here. Bathrooms and soap for hand-washing are located right next to the event rooms and tissues will be available in each room.

Persons in high risk categories, such as with serious medical issues and above the age 65, as well as those who have traveled in high affected areas such as Italy, China, Iran, South Korea and Singapore in the last two weeks are also recommended to refrain from attending.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

When we wisely consider the possible risks and implement the recommended safety procedures, we can continue to look forward to an exciting and inspiring day!